Tamim’s fitness is a concern for Bangladesh before the test against Afghanistan.

Tamim is attempting to play the lone Test in a race against time.

Tamim did not practice alongside his teammates because he was observed engaging in physical activity with Julian Calefato, the director of BCB’s rehabilitation clinic, while the others were engaged in warm-ups. Following that, Tamim was observed practicing catches with trainer Nick Lee, and at one point, his uneasiness was clearly evident as he shied away from challenging receptions.

Tamim, who was battling Taskin Ahmed and Khaled Ahmed, was occasionally seen supporting the man’s back. He didn’t have any issues driving on the front foot, but he struggled when batting on the back foot, and it persisted when he went up against spinners.


Indeed, it is concerning that he is experiencing some back pain. The BCB selection panel chairperson Habibul Bashar

“If there had been a fracture or tear, you might say he would be out for two to four weeks, but that is not the situation with him, and in the past, we have observed that this discomfort has subsided. Therefore, all we can do is wait and hope for the best.



Tamim, who had some stiffness after hitting on Monday, is reportedly looking forward to his performance during training at SBNS on Tuesday, June 12. He may inform the club management of his urgent plan of action if the discomfort continues. Habibul underlined that backup opener Mahmudul Hasan was on the 15-player roster in case Tamim eventually did not make the team.

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