Zimbabwe prepares for the qualifiers for the 2023 Men’s World Cup


Zimbabwe hosts the first of the ICC Cricket World Cup qualifiers on June 29.

Zimbabwe are free to see, and tickets went on sale this week. All subsequent contests, from the Super Sixes from June 29 to July 7, to the championship game in Harare on July 9, require an additional fee ranging from US $2 to US $10. That is the real deal in a world where discounts are hard to get.

In contrast to other nations with a cricket-loving culture, Zimbabweans have grown accustomed to that degree of privilege. The price range for foreign tickets in Zimbabwe has been between USD2 and USD10 for some time, and attendance has increased. Even a modest event like the Zimbabwe Select XI’s series against the Pakistan Shaheens in May drew a sizable crowd.

In 1980, the nation began its path toward democracy, and 20 years of prosperity followed. However, since 2000, Zimbabweans have spent the most of their time in survival mode, unprotected from reality by wealth and power.



Price said, “We’re so happy to have cricket here.” It means a lot to us. There hasn’t been a lot of cricket lately, particularly Test matches. The leading nations are constantly so busy. So, cricket in any form is appreciated. We are very happy to host the World Cup qualifying matches here.



However, it stands out that England has hosted 201 matches, more than three times as many as Zimbabwe, starting with the first Test. Since Zimbabwe played its first test, Australia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies have all hosted more home matches than Zimbabwe.

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