Saudi Arabian supporters make fun of Argentina by drawing inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo

Saudi Arabian supporters make fun of Argentina by drawing inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo

Arab national team supporters used Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration following Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia in their opening match to make fun of Leo Messi and his supporters.

Saudi Arabia stunned Argentina in their opening game in one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. Argentina clashed with the Arabs in the opening match of the ongoing soccer festival, ending their 36-match unbeaten streak. Argentina has long been considered one of the favorites to win the trophy, but their performance in the tournament opener was rather lackluster, and they will not benefit from taking this strategy.

The Saudi Arabian fans are ecstatic about the victory. Few people gave them much of a chance against Messi’s Argentina, the Copa America champions, but they have demonstrated that teamwork overcomes all challenges.Regardless of what happens to Saudi Arabia in the competition, they will always remember this victory. Memes about Messi, who is competing in his fifth World Cup and has high expectations of taking home the trophy, are all over Twitter. The Saudi Arabian fans did something following the game that might have displeased Argentina fans. The soccer community can’t get enough of the Messi-Ronaldo fan rivalry.

In terms of greatness, Cristiano is on par with Messi, but his signature “Siu” celebration has distinguished him from other players and is frequently imitated by his supporters. By mimicking Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration, Saudi Arabian national team supporters made fun of the supporters of Argentina.

Messi is frequently referred to as Diego Maradona’s prodigal son; both men have excelled in their own fields and are highly regarded. The World Cup championship medal is what sets Maradona apart from Messi. The 1986 World Cup was won by Argentina under the legendary Maradona, but Messi has yet to win a World Cup trophy. In the 2014 competition, he did come pretty close, but Argentina’s chances were not good. Messi and his team will undoubtedly regroup after this defeat and attempt to get past the initial dejection.

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