T20 World Cup final : Changed playing conditions


The ICC made a few changes to the field of play for the Pakistan vs. England T20 World Cup final on Saturday.

On Sunday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Pakistan and England will play in the T20 World Cup championship game. While Jos Buttler-led England and thrashed India to advance to the summit match, Pakistan defeated New Zealand in the semifinals. But in the end, the threat of rain looms large, with Sunday’s forecast calling for a chance of precipitation. In case a match cannot take place on the scheduled day, Monday has been designated as a reserve day in chase. The International Cricket Council (ICC) made a few minor changes to the final’s playing field on Saturday.

According to a formal statement, the Event Technical Committee has increased the provision of additional playing time on the reserve day from the original provision of two hours to four hours in case more time is needed to finish the match and determine a result.

On Sunday, there is an additional 30 minutes of time available for the match to be finished, and there is an additional four hours of time available for the match to be finished on Monday.

In the event of a tie at the conclusion of the game, a Super Over will be played; if the climate interferes and the Super Over cannot be finished, Pakistan and England will be deemed joint winners.

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