Indian cricketers won’t play in international leagues as the IPL takes over as the biggest sporting event in the world: Dhumal

IPL takes over as the biggest sporting event in the world: Dhumal

The T20 league will overtake all other sports leagues in the world in the following five years, according to IPL chairman Arun Dhumal.

The Indian Premier League, according to its new chairman, Arun Dhumal, will grow to be the most popular sports league in history. Dhumal continued by saying that the BCCI would uphold its long-standing stance against allowing Indian cricketers  to compete in foreign leagues.

The IPL is likely to have a two-and-a half-month exclusive window with a maximum of 94 games between 10 teams, even though it has a much shorter window than football leagues like the English Premier League or the National Football League in the United States. The BCCI raised more than Rs 12,000 crore by adding two new teams to the league, but the IPL commissioner predicts no more than ten teams will participate. 74 games were played this season, and 94 games with the same teams in the new cycle are possible.

The BCCI is under pressure from the flourishing T20 leagues around the world to release its prized players for international competitions. All six teams in the brand-new South African league were purchased by IPL owners, who understandably want to see some Indian players in the league. Dhumal stated that the BCCI has no plans to alter its current policy of keeping its players healthy despite a packed schedule, referring to both contract and non-contracted India players.

Five teams will compete in the inaugural WIPL in March of the following year, but team sales have not yet been carried out. There is a great deal of interest in buying teams, and it is possible that they would play out of smaller Indian cities. The board has a clear vision for the Women’s IPL, which the new IPL chairman, Arun Dhumal, predicts will grow to be the largest sporting league in the world over the next five years.

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