Umran Malik Bowling surprised Brett Lee with his Speed suggested for T20 World Cup 2022

Umran Malik’s selection in the Twenty20 World Cup has been advocated for by Brett Lee, who argues that the express speed that Umran Malik has will be useful in Australia since the ball travels so quickly there. Lee continued by saying that Malik bowls at roughly 150 kilometers per hour & that this would be a differentiating element for the Indian bowling unit currently in use.

India has not been able to finish its lengthy wait for winning an ICC trophy since the World Cup in 2011, but they have an opportunity to do so in the Twenty20 World Cup that will begin in a few days. It has been said that the grounds in Australia are like heaven for fast bowlers, which is perfect timing considering that the competition will be performed there. The advantage will go to the teams who have pacers who can bowl at a high tempo, and India may be lacking in this specific facet of the game. Because the team does not have a pacer who can bowl at a speed of more than 145 kilometers per hour, they may want to consider acquiring some more pace for the competition.

Brett Lee, a previous Australian speedster, has made a recommendation that Umran can be part of the Indian side because his pace will make it extremely tough for batsmen to manage him during the World Cup. “Umran Malik is bowled at 150 kilometers per hour. If you have the most luxurious automobile in the world but never take it out of the garage, then what is the use of owning such a vehicle in the first place? It was disappointing that Umran Malik was not included in the Indian team that competed in the World Cup”. Although he is inexperienced and unpolished, his bowling speed is 150 kilometers per hour; thus, he should be included in the squad and sent to Australia, where the ball moves quickly. When you compare a bowler going 140 kilometers per hour to one doing 150 kilometers per hour, you see a significant difference.

Despite the reality that the tournament has not yet started, India has been handed a blow in that its brilliant bowler Jasprit Bumrah will be unavailable to compete due to a back ailment. Because he is sidelined, senior fast bowlers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami will be tasked with leading the bowling unit in his emergence. Death bowling should also be considered in this circumstance. Lee has said that he agreed with the opinion that Bumrah’s illness has hampered India’s chances of ending their trophy streak.

“India’s aspirations have suffered a big blow as a consequence of Jasprit Bumrah’s back problem (at the World Cup). I’m not disputing their ability to do so. They are a terrific squad, but a formidable Indian team features Jasprit Bumrah. This would put players like Bhuvneshwar Kumar under a lot of stress” Lee said.

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